Guaranteed Rent


Guaranteed Rent Management

FF Property Solutions offer a guaranteed rent management service to landlords across Redhill and Croydon; a hassle-free solution to renting your property!

Our guaranteed rent management service has swiftly become the preferred letting option for most landlords. Our highly skilled management team will ensure you have a hassle free, efficient and professional service.

• 100% guaranteed rent
• No void periods
• No commission or setup fee
• Free management service
• Free photographic inventory
• Monthly property inspections
• Flexible leases up to 5 years

The Letting Process

We’ll arrange for one of our team to visit your property to conduct a market valuation, free of charge and without any obligation.

We’ll inspect the property to make sure it meets our minimum property requirements and advise you on any work that may need to be completed.

Once we have viewed the property, we will make an offer and send you a lease agreement within 24 hours for you to review and sign.

As soon as the property has passed the final inspection, we can begin the lease within a matter of days.

We will need a few documents, before the lease can be signed; Gas Safety Certificate, Energy Performance Certificate, Electrical Installation Certificate, Proof of Ownership and the Buildings Insurance Policy.

Once the necessary documents have been provided, you can put your mind at ease by signing the lease and handing over the keys. From this point onwards, we guarantee you the rent for the duration of the lease! Simple.


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